Coconut filling:

1C coconut flakes 1/4C Coconut Milk 2tbsp coconut oil 20 drops Liquid Stevia 1/2tsp almond extract 1/4tsp xanthan Gum Chocolate Coating: 2oz Unsweetened Chocolate 4tbsp coconut oil 20 drops Liquid Stevia 12 Almonds


Coconut filling

1.On low heat add coconut milk to a pan

2.Add coconut oil&flakes&stir letting it cook down a bit

3.Stir in stevia drops&almond extract&cook on low for 5min

4.Add xanthan gum&stir

5.Line an 8×4 loaf pan with parchment paper&pour mixture into pan.

Press out evenly in the pan&let set in fridge for 1hr 6.Cut the bars into 12 pieces

7.Place an almond on top&press into center-store in freezer

Chocolate Coating

1.Chop the chocolate up&add coconut oil&stevia to the bowl-microwave until melted

2.Dip each almond joy into the chocolate

3. Store in fridge

MACROS-makes 12 fat bombs(serving size 1) protein 1.5g net carbs 1.5g fat 14.25g calories 140.5


Thank you to ketoconnect for the recipe

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