Coconut oil benefits, what are they? Recently, the American Heart Association (AHA) issued an advisory stating that replacing saturated fat with “healthier” (unsaturated) fat in our diets can lower our risk of certain diseases. This statement was blown out of proportion, and everyone thought that the AHA said, “coconut oil is unhealthy.” In fact, what they said is that a healthy diet should have plenty of unsaturated fats, so replacing some coconut oil (82% saturated fat) with unsaturated fat may be beneficial.

So yes, coconut oil is primarily saturated fat. However, saturated fat is not as bad as we have been led to believe. Let’s look at some benefits of coconut oil!

1. Great Source of Saturated Fat


Let’s state the obvious first: coconut oil is a great source of saturated fat! There is nothing wrong with saturated fat in general. Contrary to popular myth, there is no evidence that consuming saturated fats can increase risk of heart disease. Saturated fat can raise levels of HDL (“good”) cholesterol and can only mildly elevate large LDL cholesterol.

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